VEGAN shopping list?

July 17, 2013

Question by scottie: VEGAN shopping list?
I really want to know what foods are ”must haves” for a vegan.

I will buy any good suggestions you make and give them a try!
(I already have soya milk as a staple).

Thank you all ! 🙂
I’ve been consuming vegan foods for pretty much a few days. Today I was surprised how much more energy I have! My body feels cleaner too.

Please no rude answers. Thanks!!
I bought some vegan cheese slices yesterday! They are called ”Toffuti” or something like that. I bought some vegan multivitamin/mineral pills today at Holland & Barrett. ;o)
Thank you, ‘K’. Good answer! :-0

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Answer by mairdo51
Don’t forget to eat calcium! Get tums or their generic cousin.

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