please help with my diet restrictions!?

July 7, 2013

Question by Kait: please help with my diet restrictions!?
i’m gluten intolerant, vegan, on a low carb diet, and a raw food-ist. i just need help with finding foods that i can eat (except lettuce and cantaloupe, as they have a disease being carried around atm) just a big list will do. i love love loooove fruits. so they’re okay. that’s basically it. any suggestions on what is possible to eat?

i’m not atkins-diet strict on the low carb and i don’t have celiac disease, im just gluten intolerant. and vegan, not quite there, but really trying to be. please help. thanks ! 😀

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Answer by Daisy 2
avocados, bananas, dandelion leaves, spinach, kale, swiss chard, cilantro, portebello mushrooms, coconut, olives, almonds, brazil nuts, hazel nuts, walnuts

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