Non perishable snacks that are preferably—- low carb, low sugar, no flour? IE: Trail Mix, Popcorn = Dieting?

July 16, 2013

Question by light headed: Non perishable snacks that are preferably—- low carb, low sugar, no flour? IE: Trail Mix, Popcorn = Dieting?
Hi, im dieting…and I have completely re-organized my kitchen. It is just my husband and I we are both 30 and have created a healthy living lifestyle. We are not on any particular diet plan, just the simple….eat healthy and exercise =)

We are however trying to cut out: FLOUR, SUGAR, CARBS ~ as much as possible. This does not mean that we are going crazy cutting certain things out. We are following through with ‘everything in moderation’…exept some things we are trying to cut out a lot more.

I have been on this new life track for 4 weeks now, and feel so good, I have no cravings, and Im just trying to find out what I can put in this little bin that is going to be like a non perishable snack bin. We already have a bin that has the ‘carbs’ in it…tortillas, bread, granola bars, crackers….so we’re trying to stay away from that basket in the cupboard, and then I have this one….any ideas?

So please omit:
Granola Bars
Trail Mix

Any new ideas? Thanks =)
(This will help so much, as I am trying to lose a lottttttttt of weight =)

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Answer by Cboo94
Best thing is to check out snack list for the GL diet – not a “i’m on a diet” sort of deal, but it stands for Glycemic Load — but if you’re looking to lose weight, be in good health and are already trying to avoid white flour stuffs, that is a great place to check for how to eat snacks that won’t ruin everything.

Good snacks will include fruits, veggies, dairy and best to combine things – not just have a glass of fruit juice. Better to have like 1/2 cup of lowfat cottage cheese and some fresh fruit with it – like pineapple or peaches or I love strawberries with cottage cheese.

Other items recommended are the “stop light” mini peppers you see in lots of grocery stores – the smaller snack size red, orange and yellow peppers and get some good buttermilk ranch dressing for dipping – don’t use the ‘fat free’ version which usually has added sugars in it. Use the real buttermilk ranch kind – the buttermilk is acidic and helps bring down the Glycemic Load of whatever else you’re eating.

Hard Cheeses. the individual wrapped size is good – especially if you add some almonds or fruit or even salad fixings with it.
Milk is good.
Unsweetned Almond Milk is good too – you can get it in plain, vanilla or chocolate versions.
Peanut butter and celery, or with apples or for a PB&J use 100% fruit “jam” on whole grain bread or sourdough (there’s that acidic ‘sour’ to help with the carb load).
Nuts and seeds. Almonds are great.
2 oz. Dark Chocolate (80% cacao)
Yogurt – get the sugar free if you must, or get plain non-fat – even the plain non-fat Greek – and then add your own sweetner, like Stevia, or a small bit of honey, or agave syrup and then add some fruit.

With the glycemic load menus – even premium ice cream or ice milk is allowed – just try to stick to 1/2 cup – and you can add fruit and nuts to help with lowering the load. If you can’t stick to 1/2 cup, get yourself some fudge bars or ice cream sandwiches and keep your snack (or dessert) to having only 1.

protein. Meat is 0 on the glycemic index, so have a couple ounces of meat – just so it’s not breaded or fried.

just a few ideas!

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