List of VEGAN FOODS!!?

July 5, 2013

Question by : List of VEGAN FOODS!!?
I need help on things that are Veganto eat:) I’m going vegan and I know it’s gonna be hard but I’m willing to do it:) for my health and the animals lol:) (Call me a hippie and u die(;)

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Answer by LOLwut
Veganism is not a diet- it’s opposition to animal commodification and the resulting lifestyle.
Vegans don’t:
buy or consume meat, eggs, dairy, honey, or foods containing them
buy or wear fur, leather, silk, wool, or clothing trimmed in them
buy or use consumer products which contain animal byproducts, or products from companies whose distributors conduct animal toxicity tests
buy animals to be used as “pets” from breeders/pet stores
frequent zoos/circuses/rodeos/aquariums, or other venues where animals are held in captivity or forced to perform for human entertainment/profit

The dietary portion of veganism is called “strict vegetarianism”.

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