if you know how to make a smoothie…Plz let me know…how?

July 11, 2013

Question by Afro_Diggy_Act: if you know how to make a smoothie…Plz let me know…how?
ok, so just yesterday i decided to myself that i would buy a blender for whatever reason. i never made a smoothie before in my entire life so i made a good guess as to how i would go about doing it and it went somthing like this…

milk, rasberry, blue berry and ICE 🙂 ~ it stank, and it tasted awful.

so my second attempt was sprite, rasberry, and blue berry, and peach (the items were also not frozen)…(no ice) ………………………..and i mean it was ooookkkkaaayyy, i guess?

but do yo uknow how what i could do to make it taste really good? is there somthing wrong with what i did..? also i have powdered choclate milk and strawberry stuff could i use those as well in the blender …what do i put in it to make it thick/healthy and stuff?? ~ any homemade rescipies would be appreciated as well..

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Answer by Spirish_1
Ice, yogurt (plain, vanilla or whatever flavor you like), frozen fruit of your choice, lowfat milk, a couple tablespoons of honey and blend. It should come out thick and smooth like a milkshake. You’ll need to play with portions to get the consistancy that you want.

Good luck.

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