How does this sound????????

July 13, 2013

Question by Lisa R: How does this sound????????
okay so I have recently started a vegan diet- But I do eat honey

here is what I have had in the last few days

4 apples
1 carrot
pretzel sticks
2 bananas
1 serving peanut butter
1 peach
1 can of green beans
1 serving of tortilla chips

1 serving of cereal
2 apples
2 carrot/honey/oat cookie like things
peanut butter
2 lightly salted rice cakes

(so far)
1 carrot/honey/oat cookie like thing
2 carrots
1 serving peanut butter
a few bites tofu

the carrot/honey/oat cookie like thing is something I made it has carrot’s, oat’s, and honey instead of sugar, and sugar free apple sauce instead of oil and whole wheat flour- so its hand made with organic ingredients and very healthy

I am also trying to lose weight and I do kinda work out- I work at a daycare where I spend about 5 hours running around with two and three year old’s.

am I eating too much? too little?

do I need more of anything?

thanks. 😀

Oh and I am only drinking coffee with sugar free/dairy free creamer
and diet mountain dew ( Not very good but I never have more then one can a day) and lots of WATER!
sadly I haven’t lost any weight yet… only gained like 3 pounds because of damn water weight./

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Answer by Steve
That is good

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