Anyone have a good low-carb, sugar-free, refrigerator pickle recipe?

July 10, 2013

Question by Justa Guy: Anyone have a good low-carb, sugar-free, refrigerator pickle recipe?
Hello, All!

Well, one of my favorite snacks is fresh refrigerator pickles! And even better, my daughter is starting to enjoy the flavor of dill pickles, so it’s becoming something I can share.

But there is now a problem. I’ve recently began eating low-carb, and all of the recipes that I can find (even the dill pickles), have decent amounts of sugar in them. I’d really like to avoid putting huge amounts of splenda into the pickles (If I have to I can, but I’d like not to). I’ve done online searches, and just haven’t found any sugar (sweetener)-free recipes.

So I’m taking it to y’all! Anyone have any refrigerator pickle recipes that don’t require the addition of sugar or sweetener, and would qualify as low-carb? I’d love to hear any tricks you may have!


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Answer by bayou magic
I’m low carb as well. I put my cucumbers in the jar, fill with vinegar, add a sprig of fresh dill, 1 teaspoon of dill seed, a 1/4 teaspoon of mustard seed, close and let sit for a few days. I like mine a bit sweeter so I add about a teaspoon of stevia or splenda. If it isn’t enough for your taste you can always add just a touch more and let it sit longer. Good luck!

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