Question by Abby: Wheat/oat/rice free vegan cookies?
My son is allergic to dairy and eggs, as well as wheat, rice, oat, coconut, soy, and apple (plus more that doesn’t really matter in this question). I want to make him some cookies. I ordered buckwheat and barley flour online and am still waiting for it, right now all I have is Bob’s Red Mill GF all purpose flour and garbonzo/fava bean flour. Eeek, both sound like terrible cookie flours! I also have corn meal, and pearled barley that I thought could possibly be used like oats if I cook it first? Anyone have any ideas or recipes?

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Answer by too.muchtv
Take some almonds, put it with a bit of sugar in a food processor, and pulse. Now you have almond flour. Use that instead of flour for whatever cookie you want. In lieu of dairy, you can use almond or hemp milk. In lieu of butter, you can use oil. In lieu of eggs, you can use flax seed. I just use the toll house cookie recipe, but sub dark chocolate chips for the milk chocolate chips, and just follow the rst of the recipe. I use milk (hemp) instead of eggs. You can pretty much follow the recipe.

Here’s recipe links, though: (sub regular sugar)

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VEGAN shopping list?

July 17, 2013

Question by scottie: VEGAN shopping list?
I really want to know what foods are ”must haves” for a vegan.

I will buy any good suggestions you make and give them a try!
(I already have soya milk as a staple).

Thank you all ! 🙂
I’ve been consuming vegan foods for pretty much a few days. Today I was surprised how much more energy I have! My body feels cleaner too.

Please no rude answers. Thanks!!
I bought some vegan cheese slices yesterday! They are called ”Toffuti” or something like that. I bought some vegan multivitamin/mineral pills today at Holland & Barrett. ;o)
Thank you, ‘K’. Good answer! :-0

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Answer by mairdo51
Don’t forget to eat calcium! Get tums or their generic cousin.

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